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​​​​​​​​​Scientific Design Pty. Ltd. is a design and consulting company specialising in heat and mass transfer systems and also other supporting unit operation systems.

Key technologies include:

  • MVR Evaporation Plants
  • Crystalliser Plants
  • Dryer systems
  • Heat Exchanger Systems
  • Fluid Jet systems
  • Vacuum Systems
  • Scrubber Systems

Key markets served are:

  • Chemical
  • Food Processing
  • Mining
  • Paper
  • Power Industry
  • Waste Water Recovery

Core competencies are:

Evaporator Systems including forced circulation, falling film and climbing film driven by steam, thermocompression or mechanical vapour recompression.

Crystalliser Systems including forced circulation, draft tube and batch driven by steam, thermocompression or mechanical vapour recompression.

Dryer Systems including rotary, flash, fluid bed and spray types.

Heat Exchange Systems including computerised detailed designs of shell and tube units and direct contact condensers.

Turnkey small-scale plants involving tanks, pumps, piping systems, steam supply, vacuum raising, scrubbers, instrumentation and electrics.

Plant optimisation and debottlenecking of all of the above.

Applications – Some recent projects:

Stillage MVR Evaporation plant

Water recovery of 225m3/hr utilising mechanical vapour compression type evaporators. The concentrate is then dried to produce animal feed.

MVR Evaporation can be applied to a wide range of evaporation duties including waste waters, brine liquors and many salt solutions. These evaporators can be configured to use as little as 12kW/m3 of evaporated water. Little cooling water is required and typically, steam is only used for start-up. In many cases the MVR evaporator can be followed by a crystallisation and/or a dryer unit for zero liquid discharge.


Heat exchange recovery system. Utilising hot waste streams to heat cold streams that would otherwise have to be heated by live steam or other heat sources.


Cooling tower installation Part of a turnkey evaporator plant.


Tanker loading system. For a viscous fluid with steam preheat.


Thermocompressor and ejector systems From Transvac ( for evaporator plants and other processes.

Thermocompressors can be used in many heat recovery processes including the recovery of vented steam and the integrated steam/cooling water systems. Ejectors/Eductors can be used for tank heaters, tank mixing and pumping solids amongst many other applications.


Flash cooling system. For cooling of liquids, utilising thermocompressors, steam ejectors or vacuum pumps.


Dryer control systems. Optimisation and customisation of dryer control systems using feed forward or partially feed forward controls.


Custom shell and tube heat exchanger. Designed using STX.


Optimisation of heating, chilling and power system. Of application to all general processing equipment.​